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Spotyt is a nightlife app that rates bars/lounges in real-time based on a popularity algorithm. The higher the location’s “heat bubble” the more poppin’ the place is. Want a quiet spot? Look for bars with low temperatures.





Out town and looking for the best spot to land? Spotyt will guide you through the jungle and recommend the best places while you are on the go!



Spotyt’s technology is based on your location (and all the other night owls out there), to determine the most popular places in real-time. Activate the ‘Near’ or ‘City’ modes to navigate spots in your immediate surroundings or further out!


Spotyt - your first ‘real-time’ night-life assistant.


Only available in San Francisco (stay tuned for more cities as we roll-out).




Spotyt's technology rates clubs / bars / restaurants in real-time based on our proprietary algorithme.

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